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A hairy question. | Business

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A hairy question.
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I really want to address the question of: "Where do you recommend a good haircut?"

While I struggle to find a good barber in the traditional sense of the word in Grand Rapids who understands what a modern man is looking for in just the right coif (please pass on the name of the establishment if you have had better luck), I have had the good fortune of a recommendation or two from some very well-cut gentlemen. The salons that they advise cater to both women and men, but you will find that they can tame a mean mane.

Hotel Venus (located on Cherry street in Eastown)
Cheeky Strut (Grandville Ave.)
Tanaz (Monroe Center, as well as right behind A.K.RIKK'S on 28th)

When one walks into a new establishment, there are a few things one must remember:

-Do not be distracted by the courteous smile and lash-batting of the twenty-something at the reception counter, she will most likely set you up with the stylist that is her friend, not the best cut
-Always ask for the owner, and when they are presented request the stylist with the largest male clientele (when guys find something they like they stick with it)
-Time spent tracking down the best stylist/salon is always worth more then spontaneously picking one and regretting the cut the two weeks after
-When seated in the chair for the first time with your new stylist make sure you are prepared for a barrage of questions about what you want. Know what kind of cut you would like, and just in case I would discreetly have brought a picture of a cut that fits you.
-Confidence is a tell-tale sign of an experienced stylist. Consider recommendations made, you are now in good hands.

Business, Style

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