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New immunization requirements for Michigan children | News

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New immunization requirements for Michigan children

KENT COUNTY, Mich. (WZZM)- This year children heading back to Michigan schools will have new immunization requirements. 11-year-olds need a meningitis and a whooping cough vaccine. You also need those shots if you're 11 or older, and changing school districts.

Lisa Newton knows back to school shopping all too well, she has ten children about to start the year. But this summer, Newton's to do list is growing as her kids will need extra vaccines to meet state guidelines.

Newton says, "We do have some more going into high school this year so we'll make sure they get the meningitis."

Many like Newton are making appointments at local health departments, but Kent County immunization supervisor Mary Wisinski says some residents are confused about the 6th grade requirements.

"The confusing thing for moms I believe is some 10-year olds starting 6th grade, but those kids are okay until they turn 11 years of age"

With a full house, Newton says she's happy to reduce a case of chicken pox, meningitis, or whooping cough.

"The things they're vaccinated against are pretty serious illnesses. There are so many kids and things they catch at school, it's important they're vaccinated."

If you want a vaccine you can make an appointment with your health department. Kent County has 500 free vaccines through the state. They also have waivers if you want to opt out of a vaccine.


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