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Vertigo Music to host live music festivities on Record Store Day | Arts & Culture

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Vertigo Music to host live music festivities on Record Store Day
Vertigo Music to host live music festivities on Record Store Day

by Adam Kolkman in OPINION

Vertigo Music's Herm Baker on the upcoming Record Store Day event and the continued relevance of local record stores in our digital culture.

With the advent of the MP3 and digital distribution, CD sales have plummeted and local stores have folded at an alarming rate. However, many local stores are now bouncing back after embracing the new demand for vinyl. Apart from brining customers into local stores, Record Store Day serves to highlight the growing rediscovery of vinyl records in contemporary culture.

On April 21, Grand Rapids’ largest record distributor,Vertigo Music, celebrates the international Record Store Day with all-day music festivities. If the holiday sounds unfamiliar, it’s probably due to its recent advent. This year marks the 5th annual occurrence of the celebration, which was organized to observe the importance of the local record store in communities across the world. In the short time that the holiday has existed, it has become a centerpiece of music culture in cities throughout the US. In anticipation of the event, The Rapidian sat down with Vertigo Music’s general manager, Herm Baker, to discuss the changing face of music distribution, the continued relevance of independent music stores in contemporary culture, and the upcoming Record Store day celebrations at Vertigo Music.

The Rapidian: How long has Vertigo been putting on Record Store Day celebrations?

Herm Baker: This is year five… The first year I actually dismissed it, I thought it was kind of hokey. But talking to my employees, they said no, we should be embracing this… I was wrong in that respect. We did it. We made it a party… had bands and pizza and beer and all...


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