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GR Tag Tour
GR Tag Tour

The GRTagTour is designed to entertain and educate visitors and residents about our community by using mobile technology bringing location and information together. The unique, scan-able barcode for each stop along the tour connects stop-specific visitors with a mobile website containing:

  • Facts about the location
  • A fun, audio history story related to the location
  • A gallery of visitor submitted photos
  • Link to the Downtown Grand Rapids mobile site to find places nearby
  • Link to the 3rd party mobile check-in application "Four Square"
  • Walking map and directions to the next stop

Codes are scan-able with any QR barcode reader application installed on an internet enabled smart phone. If a reader is not available, the mobile sites may also be accessed by entering a URL on the phone's web browser.

To find out more information and begin your tour click on the link below!


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