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Grill Your Veggies to Perfection | Arts & Culture

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Grill Your Veggies to Perfection
Grill Your Veggies to Perfection

Written by Matthew Russell

Apart from mosquitoes, ants and sunburn, grilling season is just about the perfect time of year. And while many conjure thoughts of short ribs slathered with sauce when they think of barbecue, the start of summer holds opportunity for delicious dishes for herbivores, too.

Because of the size and shape of many vegetables apart from, say, corn on the cob, being tossed on a standard grill is akin to being thrown directly into a fire. And cooking your veggies evenly without scorching them to carbon is quite another task. There's hope, though, and it comes in several forms.

Jousting a line of mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and cob-lets with soaked shish kebob sticks has long been a trick of the vegetable griller, but new flexible grilling skewers offer an even better option.

"They keep the vegetables centered on the grill so the heat is uniform and they cook evenly," said Annica VanderLinde, a salesperson at Art of the Table in Grand Rapids.

The flexible skewers, offered by the Firewire brand, are stainless steel and allow a range of movement that not only exposes more of the vegetables' surface area to the heat, but also flexibility when space on the grate is hard to find.

Curly skewers formed from hardened metal are also a valuable item in vegetable grilling. While they aren't designed to be handled as kebobs fit for a single person, they keep vegetables in place, exposing them evenly to the heat and can be flipped easily halfway through…


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