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Nourish Organic Market: Your Third Best Food Source | Business

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Nourish Organic Market: Your Third Best Food Source
Nourish Organic Market: Your Third Best Food Source

By Jason Lester

There is much talk these days about sustainability: sustainable business practices, sustainable farming and the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. Sheri Rop wants to see if this idealistic concept can be put into actual practice. Nourish Organic Market is her experiment to see just how sustainable sustainability is.

Nourish’s official Grand Opening took place Saturday, Oct. 8. Evolving from Rop’s web-based business,ArtisanFoodExpress.com, Nourish Organic Market focuses on educating consumers about the value of high-quality and organic food options. Rop feels the time is right to open a storefront business where customers can stop in at their convenience to pick up locally grown produce and organic goods. Rop, a former teacher, places an emphasis on education and envisions using the shop to host cooking demonstrations, gardening lessons and sustainable agriculture lectures.

“All of our prepackaged goods are certified organic. Organic is not magic, but it is the best standard we can use for our packaged items," she says. "Our produce is all locally grown using sustainable practices. All of our animal products come…


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