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Founders Brewing Company champions the bolder beverage | Business

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Founders Brewing Company champions the bolder beverage
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Founders Brewing Company champions the bolder beverage

by Emma Higgins in INNOVATION SPOTLIGHT in collaboration with Jonathan Stoner

Founders co-owner Dave Engbers tells the story of Founders growth-and the struggles to keeping going before they discovered the key to their current success

Every year hundreds of businesses open up all over Grand Rapids. Making sure a business doesn’t merely survive but also thrives is a difficult and complicated process- requiring constant innovation and research. Where better to garner some invaluable advice on this subject than the very people who have already established long running and successful enterprises right here in the city. In this series, various local business men and women with an extensive history in this sector will be sharing some of what they have learned about doing business in Grand Rapids, and why they have experienced such success in their field.

Founders Brewing Company is a dearly loved local institution, but its acclaim is not confined to Grand Rapids or even to Michigan. The Brewery is regularly dispatching to 24 States. Having recently sent two bottles back home for my father to rate, I can attest to the fact that their beer is also cherished in England. Dave Engbers, co-owner and Vice President of Brand and Education, says that there are no plans to slow down. “We will continue to grow, while making sure we nurture and maintain the tight knit group that has contributed to our success,” he said. Engbers...


Business, News, People

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