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Popcorn, always a favorite treat | Business

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Popcorn, always a favorite treat
Popcorn, always a favorite treat

In searching the web today, I found the Grand Rapids Popcorn Company and a few interesting facts.

Did you know that popcorn itself only has 35 calories per cup? Of course, that does not include the butter, caramel, chocolate, nuts, etc. Just popcorn!

This company has a Kids Club Page on the web where the young at heart can get details about contests. They also give a free 16oz Flush Puppie drink for bringing back your colored picture. More about that on their web:


Grand Rapids Popcorn has a Flavor of the Week also. For the week of July 8-14: Americana, 4oz bag-$2.10; Americana 1# bag, $4.75. This is a combination of Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Vanilla popcorn. Sounds delicious.

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