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Tech Boom: Epic Innovator Dan Behm of OST | Business

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Tech Boom: Epic Innovator Dan Behm of OST
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Tech Boom: Epic Innovator Dan Behm of OST

Matt Simpson Siegel

It’s fitting that Open Systems Technologies (OST) sits inside the former Drueke Toys building on Grand Rapids’ Westside.
Walking in, one feels incredibly welcome. One is tempted to linger at the posh kitchen counter, gazing at the exposed brick and woodwork. Above the fireplace to the left, a monitor broadcasts Santa’s reindeer at the North Pole via http://reindeercam.com. This certainly is not an ordinary office; names of games in tribute to Drueke adorn the various rooms while kitchenettes and club chairs appear peppered about.
 “Here’s my philosophy on company culture and it’s always been this way,” explains the jovial Dan Behm, OST co-founder and CEO. "If it ever fails to be fun then I’m going to change the culture back until it is fun.”
It’s doubtful the 2012 Grant Thornton Leader and Innovator of the Year and 2011 Ernst and...


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