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Local restaurant opens new location downtown

Local restaurant opens new location downtown

Taco Boy is a locally owned restaurant in the Grand Rapids area since 1967. Tuesday, December 13, 2010 was the first day for business at their new location at 180 Monroe NW. This new location is number six for the restaurant owners.

Taco Boy is known for their authentic family recipies with everything being made fresh onsite. The restaurant is open 10:30am to 9:00pm, Sunday through Thursday but will remain open until 2:30am on Frday & Saturday so they can accomodate the crowds leaving the downtown bars and entertainment.

Neighborhood Business Alliance Awards tonight at Wealthy Theatre

From: http://www.grcmc.org

Thursday, November 4th, 5:00 pm

The Neighborhood Business Awards celebrates the individuality of our neighborhood commercial corridors and the great businesses located within them. For twenty years Grand Rapids has celebrated our local businesses and recognized excellence in numerous categories. This year the event will be bigger and better as we have new and expanded categories to honor creative and innovative developments, new vendors at a “Taste of Our Neighborhoods” reception and reusable shopping bags to be distributed to all guests showcasing sponsors and neighborhood businesses.

Free and open to the public.

For more event information contact Neighborhood Ventures at 616-301-3929.

A hairy question.

I really want to address the question of: "Where do you recommend a good haircut?"

While I struggle to find a good barber in the traditional sense of the word in Grand Rapids who understands what a modern man is looking for in just the right coif (please pass on the name of the establishment if you have had better luck), I have had the good fortune of a recommendation or two from some very well-cut gentlemen.

Doug Small's Not Going Anywhere

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G-Sync – Launching The ArtPrize Game App

CEO's for Cities' Carol Coletta on ArtPrize

Last year, CEOs for Cities President Carol Coletta published an article in Good entitled, "What an ArtPrize in Michigan Can Teach Us About Building Better Cities." The article highlighted multiple lessons Coletta felt could be learned from the ArtPrize model including "the value of giving people permission to be entrepreneurial," "rapid prototyping," and decentralization:

 "The competition makes it clear that the middle, once again, is threatened and may soon become obsolete. The middle, in the case of ArtPrize, are the arbiters of taste.