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City of Grand Rapids implements Better Government Tip Line | Crime

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City of Grand Rapids implements Better Government Tip Line
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City of Grand Rapids implements Better Government Tip Line

Tuesday morning, Donijo De Jonge, the City Comptroller, unveiled the Better Government Tip Line. This line is a hotline where employees, residents, contractors, and vendors can anonymously call and report tips of fraud, waste, and abuse as well as suggest efficiencies for departments.

Comptroller Donijo De Jonge says "according to statistics, 46 percent of all fraud, waste, and abuse is detected through hotline tips. Therefore, a tip line is a necessity and in today's environment of accountability and transparency, a tip line is a must!"

DeJonge wants to know if you have witnessed any fraudulent or wasteful activities by employees, contractors, or vendors. If so, she encourages residents and employees to please use the anonymous tip line to report these tips.

This tip line will operate in the following manner. Employees, contractors, and residents may call 616.301.3343 to provide an allegation of a misuse of City resources or suggest an efficiency improvement for a specific job. The caller will be asked to leave a much detail as possible. In addition, the caller will be instructed not to report his or her name or contact information. Because this tip line is anonymous, it is imperative that the tipsters leave as much information as possible; including but not limited to a description of the misuse, the date and time of the incident, the person or persons involved, the location of the misuse. Besides providing tips of misuse, residents and especially employees can provide efficiency suggestions to improve the work flow processes.

The information will come to the City Comptroller only. The City Comptroller will investigate each legitimate claim and suggested efficiency and provide updates on the Comptroller's website on the status of each legitimate claim.
This tip line is not for emergencies, labor disputes, sewer or water backups, potholes, missed refuse, recycling, or lawn waste, dead animals, housing code violations, or any other issue that is not related to the misuse of City resources. Examples of misuses to report include but are not limited to witnessing contractor waste, theft of cash, equipment, supplies or materials, using City owned supplies, equipment or property for personal use, record falsification, kickbacks or bribes, or leaving a City owned vehicle idling for an extended period of time.

DeJonge asks everyone, "If you see, please report it, so we can fix it!"

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