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Recycling in the City of Grand Rapids has increased 80% | Environment

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Recycling in the City of Grand Rapids has increased 80%
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Recycling in the City of Grand Rapids has increased 80%


In August 2010, the City partnered with Kent County to provide single-stream curbside recycling services. Last spring, the City partnered with Local First to create the myGRcity points program, where residents who recycle earned points to redeem at local businesses. The City's single-stream, smart-cart, curbside recycling program reports that the amount (in tons) of recyclables collected has increased by over 80% in the past ten months over the previous four years. Over 7,057 households are currently participating in the myGRcity points program. It is free to participate and information can be found at www.mygrcitypoints.com.

As more residents participate in the recycling program, the amount of refuse collected throughout the City has dropped by 13%. Mayor George Heartwell is very pleased with these statistics, stating "Grand Rapids' highly successful new recycling services are good for residents wishing to lower their refuse disposal costs, it is good for the City as it has lowered our refuse costs, and it's good for our environment."

Public Services Director James Hurt said, "The increase in recycling speaks volumes about the importance our citizens have placed on taking care of the environment."

Local First Executive Director Elissa Hillary notes that "the myGRcity points program is not just achieving significant environmental results - it is achieving economic results, as more Grand Rapids households are shifting their spending to locally owned businesses."

Attached is a brochure which provides written explanation of the new curbside refuse collection service which begins this summer. The new system makes use of technology to improve efficiencies and customer service; it will lower costs and reduce employee injuries. Also attached are a series of detailed charts depicting the amount of recycling and refuse tonnage.

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