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OPINION: What happened to common sense? | Families

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OPINION: What happened to common sense?
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OPINION: What happened to common sense?

Most days I get to see a portion of ABC's Good Morning America and most days I end up shaking my head at some of the common sense subjects that are discussed. Believe me, it’s not just on this program, but most talk shows anymore.

Today they were discussing how many calories are in certain healthy foods and how some of the numbers can be surprising; but when I was growing up or our children were growing up, choices like dried fruit versus fresh fruit was not discussed because we only had fresh or home canned fruit, to my knowledge.

Potato chips and such like snacks were never a staple in our home when I was young. They were considered a treat once in a great while. We had three meals a day, always sat down together for dinner and dessert was always a part of that meal, both in my childhood home and in the home my late husband Don and our five children enjoyed. Dinner time was always a big discussion time with us. Once in a while, a dinner would have to be kept warm for someone at a sports practice.

Computers and electronic devices of course were unheard of but instead, kids were outside in the evening, playing until they were summoned to come in; it was time to get cleaned up and go to bed. The summers were just like this. Also, kids were outside playing, helping with yard work, peddling papers, etc. They even helped out older neighbors as a courtesy, without pay. Back then, people actually did know who their neighbors were. We, as adults, could actually sit with the family and watch TV without being embarrassed at some of the commercials advertised. 

We did not have to get an app so we could ask our family members to put down their electronic devices. We did not have to warn them about texting or talking on their phones while they were driving. We did not have to text them to get their attention; we spoke directly to them. Obesity in children was rare. Does anyone get the point I am trying to drive home? It is called common sense and I for one feel we have lost a lot of common sense when it comes to raising a family and making choices.

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Families, People, Weird

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