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Burglar proof your home for the holidays | News

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Burglar proof your home for the holidays

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - The holidays are around the corner, security experts say burglars have more temptation to break in.

Most burglars go right through your front door to get into your home and steal your belongings. Most of the time it's during the day, when you're not even home.

We talked with a woman named Jodi. She came home to a scary sight one afternoon.

"I came in one day saw the front door was opened."

Her TV was gone. Panicked, she made the mistake of walking into her home to use a landline to call police.

"I was terrified, terrified, no one else was here."

We asked ADT security expert Cory Zemaitis to show us how to burglar proof a home.

The first weakness Zemaitis sees is no lighting on the side of the home.

Zemaitis says, "If anyone approached the home from the side were you able to see them."

Zemaitis also recommends 'bump proof locks' that are so strong, a locksmith can't destroy it.

"You actually have to destroy the guts of the deadbolt if you were to lock yourself out."

Jodi's phone line should be covered with rose bushes and pipes. Leaving it uncovered makes it easy for a burglar to disabled your phone and security systems attached to phone lines.

Zemaitis says, "You said so yourself, you had your cell phone in your hand, but used the landline, imagine if that had been cut."

A common mistake, is having a door with a glass window.

"This is really easy for them to just bust this in, either break out the window, and reach in and open the door."

Follow these tips, and you may reduce your chances of a break in.

Jodi says, "The tips are things I never would have thought about, just some more things to make my husband take care of."

If you'd like more information on burglar proofing your home you can contact Cory Zemaitis at 616-802-6112.


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