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Car insurance rates on the rise | News

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Car insurance rates on the rise

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Every year Michigan's auto insurance rates go up. In fact Michigan has one of the highest rates in the country.

If your car insurance went up this year, you're not alone. It's because Michigan has unlimited medical coverage for anyone permanently injured in a crash. But some in Lansing argue, it's making insurance sky rocket because Medicare pays for the same thing.

Mark Crooks says rising insurance rates are out of control.

"If it comes down to providing for their families and feeding themselves they're going to run the risk of not carrying insurance."

Crooks says tight times and rising rates encourages Michigan residents not to stay.

"Someone should be in Lansing asking some hard questions and getting some answers."

We contacted State Senator Rick Jones--"Until a cap is put in place this will continue to go up every year."

Jones says several bills are being debated that would require a one million dollar cap, give you the option to pick the cap you want, or allow seniors to opt out so Medicare could cooperate with coverage.

Jones says an assessment raised the rates because of the amount insurance companies could owe because of unlimited coverage.

Jones says, "I support some kind of cap, if you were injured in a major accident, in two years Medicare would kick in and cover you under the federal government."

Senator Jones wants that to change, and so do people like Crooks, who have to pay the car insurance bill.

"I think it's something everyone in the state should start taking seriously, it doesn't help bring people in."

Lawmakers say fraud is also an issue with endless insurance coverage.


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