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Generator Safety: Man killed after CO2 poisoning | News

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Generator Safety: Man killed after CO2 poisoning

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Area residents are struggling after days without power. Some have tried to use generators with deadly consequences.

Dorothy Kaechle is in the dark about her electricity. She's staying in a hotel after five days without power.

Kaechle says, "I wore cuddle duds and pajamas but you could see your breath, and being in the country you had no water, couldn't shower, and that's what I really needed."

Humor helped her family weather Christmas in a hotel. "It's a good thing we get along, no one has thrown any punches at anyone yet."

Many other families are at home using generators. But electrician, Glenn Emmert, with Wolverine Power Systems says people need to be careful. One man already died from carbon monoxide poisoning after putting a generator in his garage.

Emmert says, "You should not run it in your garage, your house, or near a fresh air intake."

Emmert says another dealdy mistake, is connecting your generator to your electrical pannel incorrectly. He says you must use a manual transfer switch.

"That would prevent any access electricity from going down the line and killing a worker."

Kaechle isn't bothering with generators, she says, she's moved her holiday meal, to room 227.

"We may have 25 people gathered around, for some pizza, shhh don't tell the management, hahahaha."



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