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Grand Rapids neighborhood streets "horrible" | News

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Grand Rapids neighborhood streets "horrible"

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- There hasn't been a major snowstorm in over a week, but on many residential streets, road conditions are poor, with deep snow ruts and narrow streets lined with towering snow piles.

On some streets, there is only one passable lane.

Roy Amos and Laura Thomason know a thing or two about frustration. They are just a couple of Heritage Hill's residents who live on streets that are either unplowed, plowed to one lane, or just plowed in.

"I honestly think the road clean up has been horrible," Amos said. It's a sentiment echoed by Thomason, "I was literally snowed in for two days and there wasn't even a way to get help to get me out."

Barb Lester with Heritage Hill Neighborhood Association says she's been fielding calls left and right. "People are enraged because they can't get off their street or out of their home. People are handicapped and they can't get out or get through the snow."

Despite the frustration, Lester says she doesn't blame the City of Grand Rapids. "I think the workers are pretty much exhausted at this point because it's pretty much been non-stop snow."

While a city spokesperson wasn't available for comment, Amos and Thomason say they have a few comments of their own. "This winter has been horrible."

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The East Hills Neighborhood Association says residents there need to move their cars off the streets in the morning so city plows can clear and widen the roads. Drivers will begin their rounds starting at eight in the morning and will keep going until 11 a.m.


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