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Protestors 'Occupy Grand Rapids' | News

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Protestors 'Occupy Grand Rapids'

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - A growing movement against corporate greed and the political system has reached West Michigan.

The group, "Occupy Grand Rapids" gathered in Calder Plaza Saturday to discuss how and where their future demonstration should be conducted.

Inspired by events occurring in larger cities across the United States, organizers of 'Occupy Grand Rapids' started gathering supporters on Facebook. An estimated 200 members of the Facebook group showed up Saturday.

"I think this type of event can still happen without social media, but with the speed that it's occured, 1,600 people in a matter of a week, it's doubled and doubled and doubled," said facilitator Mike Kolehouse.

Saturday's participants said the movement in Grand Rapids needs to partner with other organizations to grow. The majority agreed that achieving numbers half the size of those observed in New York will take time.

"I don't think Grand Rapids is ever going to be the headquarters for this movement. I think it's definitely going to be in New York, Chicago, Boston, but I think it's valuable for people to come and show their support right here in Grand Rapids," said participant Dan Boss.

Protestors say they are fed up with how the political and legislative systems treat the wealthiest Americans. Governor Rick Snyder said it's their constitutional right to speak out.

"Occupy Grand Rapids" has its own Facebook group. Organizers are inviting anyone to join and share their ideas.

Only tentative dates have been established to demonstrate in Grand Rapids.


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