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Protecting your home from break-ins | News

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Protecting your home from break-ins

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- A rash of home invasions around Grand Rapids has police busy and homeowners wondering what to do. The key is to make it as hard (and noisy) to break into your home as possible. Here are some safety suggestions from Barb Lester, the veteran crime prevention organizer for the Heritage Hills Neighborhood Association.

- Use window stops. They prevent a window from going up more than 6 inches.

- Have strong, deep deadbolt locks in your doors.

- Use exterior lighting and keep the lights on all night long.

- Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.

Lester says having a dog can help can help. "I would not depend only on a dog - I see security in levels. If you have a dog that adds another level and you need all the levels you can get."

She says the goal is to prevent someone from getting in - that's why Lester feels alarm systems are no panacea. "It takes a while for the officers to get to your home and in that two or three minutes those thieves could be in and out," says Lester.


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