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Food For Families- Farmers help out | News

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Food For Families- Farmers help out

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- Fruits and vegetables are often out of reach for those struggling to afford food. But not for some families thanks to Project Fresh. It is a pilot program with the State of Michigan for WIC participants that gives them $30 a year towards purchases at farmers markets.

Jill Myer with the Kent County Health Department's Obesity Initiative says, "By having the access, people have the opportunity to have all the nutrients that they need and actually eat better."

Myer says this fills the need for inner-city families who often only have close access to gas stations for food.

"What farmers markets can do is to provide that sort of gap that food deserts create in certain areas of the city," says Myer.

Half of the 21,000 WIC clients are expected to swipe their benefits cards at local farmers markets for Michigan grown produce. That activity is expected to put an extra $2 million into the pockets of farmers.

Farmer Tom Wagner says, "It benefits both, it's a wonderful symbionic relationship that works both ways."


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