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UPDATE: Air marshal to be charged next week | News

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UPDATE: Air marshal to be charged next week

UPDATE AT 7:45 P.M. -- A federal air marshal accused in an assault in downtown Grand Rapids is expected to appear in court next week to be formally charged.

Matthew Davids, 34, is accused of assaulting at least one person outside a Grand Rapids bar in June.

Court records show Davids' arraignment had been scheduled for this week, but was delayed until August 24.

Charges are also pending against J.L. Holdsworth, 27, who was with the group of air marshals.  Holdsworth reportedly told police he was also a federal agent, but he is actually a bodybuilder who lives in Columbis, Ohio.

The Department of Homeland Security, which includes the air marshal service, has no comment on the incident or the individuals involved.

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Federal air marshals partying in Grand Rapids are accused of punching and kicking at least two people outside of a downtown bar, leaving one man unconscious on the pavement.

"I didn't know at the time they were air marshals," says Cody Zink, who says one of the marshals kicked him in the groin area.

The marshals were apparently not in Grand Rapids on official business.  In June, a group of them visited for the weekend to relax in a downtown hotel and enjoy the nightlife.  They got into trouble after witnesses say one shoved a woman at an outdoor hot dog cart and punched a man trying to protect her.

"[The man] sucker punched him," says Zink. "[He] knocked him out in one hit. His face hit the pavement on the sidewalk. Then they started acting like they were going to start kicking him."

Zink and his friends asked the men to back away and let them help the unconscious, bleeding man on the pavement. He says that's when the suspects turned on them.

"I had my hands up saying,' I'm not trying to start a fight,'" he recalls. "That's when the guy that was walking after me kicked me in the testicles. I went down immediately."

Federal Air Marshal Matthew Davids, a five year veteran, and 27-year-old Jon Holdsworth are both facing misdemeanor assault charges. The Transportation Security Agency would not comment on the investigation or any marshal's current duty status.

"I was told they were both put on unpaid administrative leave as soon as the investigation began," says Zink.

The man knocked out for trying to assist a woman he didn't even know needed more than a dozen stitches and could lose his front teeth.

"I don't care if you are an air marshal or a hot dog vendor, you don't push a girl and attack two or three other people just because you are out having a good time," says Zink. "They are supposed to be protecting us."


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