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G-Sync: The Future We Vote Forward | News

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G-Sync: The Future We Vote Forward
G-Sync: The Future We Vote Forward

By Tommy Allen, Lifestyle Editor

On May 3, it is in our hands to make a positive impact in our community by voting yes for expanded public transportation.

Few elections matter more than the one that will, in many ways, directly impact our region for years to come. It may even determine if your children or grandchildren will decide to remain here or move on. All data points that this is what hangs in the balance.

Of course, there are plenty of other items on the ballot that are equally as important to our future. Who will sit as a trustee at the Grand Rapids Community College? 

Will it be a person with true education experience? Or someone who just wants to push a short-term agenda that is severely anti-diversity -- an unwelcoming move in our region that is not a part of the education excellence we have crafted in all of our institutions of higher learning in our region for decades.

This is also a period when school boards will elect new leadership.  Again, a very timely and critical issue that demands our full attention if we truly desire to help shape the future of our kids' education (and to once again prove Newsweek wrong.)

But the bus transportation issue should not be underestimated. Voting yes for the increased services to our region's premier bus service, The Rapid, will serve the needs of all in our community.

As gas broke the $4.00 per gallon threshold, the topic on everyone's lips was how is this going to impact our lifestyle? So, this millage vote for expanded public transportation also arrives in a timely manner.

Yes, higher gas prices always means many, including myself, will cut back frivolous car trips. Because I live near a bus stop, as I weigh the costs, I will simply elect to take the bus to destinations around the city. It is a smart move in many ways.

And for those times when a bus may not get me all the way to where I want to be, I can simply toss my bike on the front of the...


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