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Rivertown Live Entertainment to file for Bankruptcy | News

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Rivertown Live Entertainment to file for Bankruptcy

LAKE ODESSA, Mich. (WZZM) -- Mike Mouch is the owner of the I-96 Speedway near Lake Odessa. In February, he and his wife entered into an agreement with a Grand Rapids entertainment company, Rivertown Live, to organize a concert event at the Speedway.

I-96 Speedway owner Mike Mouch said, "We invested  $20,000 of our own money into the concert, and then we've had multiple investors investing into the concert as well."

The Bike & Roll Fest event was slated for the weekend of June 9th, until problems arose with the owner of Rivertown Live, Ben Shawa.

Commenting on Shawa, Mouch added, "He paid the first round of contracts, and they go by three different rounds, and he didn't pay the second round or the third round, and without saying nothing he just kept on selling tickets for the event, selling sponsorships for the event, and taking our money on the event."

WZZM 13 tried contacting Shawa multiple times by phone Saturday, but none of our calls to him were returned.

We did reach another Rivertown Live associate, who wished to remain nameless, concerning the recent canceled event. In a statement, he wrote, "It's a very unfortunate situation, we are working to get investors money back, and that tickets are fully refundable through the ticket distributor."

John Kunz, who was the vice president of operations for Rivertown Live, recently resigned from the company when he was not paid.

Speaking over the phone to WZZM 13, Kunz said, "I got hired to do a job for Rivertown Live, and produced a concert event. Rivertown Live, I didn't receive any paycheck or commissions that were owed, and I resigned."

For Mike Monch, the situation is a frustrating lesson, which will likely change how he does business in the future.

"We're going to look further into this, and hopefully we can resolve something, and move on with this", said Mouch.

All the promotion for the Bike and Roll Fest event has been pulled from the I-96 Speedway website. A formal release will be made on Sunday by I-96 Speedway, informing the public of the situation.


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