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Winning Wednesday Is A Winner
Winning Wednesday Is A Winner

There is a saying in sports, "Winning Builds Momentum". When it comes the the Grand Rapids Griffins it pays off in more ways than one. Its called "Winning Wednesday"

Here is how it works and it is pretty simple. Come to a Wednesday game, Griffins win, You get to come to the next Wednesday home game for free. Yes free!

Already on their fourth mid-week game the Griffins are 3-1 with the only loss coming during the November matinee game. Because of the noon start of that game, the Griffins honored their first Wednesday win for the next Wednesday game the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

One of the premises of the promotion is to get fans to weekday games that traditionally have low attendance. Tonight's game was played before a crowd of 5,586. The Griffins won in a shootout. With the win, all of the fans at the game can exchange their ticket for the next Wednesday game.

Leaving the game tonight I came across a happy Gabriel and his father whom reside in Belmont. The two of them came to the game with some tickets that were given to them and ended up leaving a double winner. Gabriel scored a puck and both get to come back to next Wednesday game against the Abbotsford Heat. Two games, total cost $0. 

So far my $17 ticket from the first winning Wednesday game has yielded me 5 games. Five games for $17, that comes out to just over $3 a game to see professional hockey. How can you loose to that?

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